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In an ongoing campaign that reaches out to prospective businesses that could benefit from what Churchill County has to offer, we invite you to browse some of our industry marketing information included on this page. For more information, please contact us at 423-8785.

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AgricultureSince the late 1800's agriculture has provided a vibrant culture and reliable economy for Churchill County residents. There is a great deal of diversity in the 68,973 irrigated acres in Churchill County. Currently there are numerous historical crops and specialty crops grown in the valley, such as corn, alfalfa, grass hay, wheat, teff, flowers and vegetables. Some farmers are even turning to organic practices to stay abreast of current market trends. The production of milk, a stable agriculture commodity, uses water from the historic Newlands Project. Many beef cattle ranchers call Churchill County, with its access to public grazing lands, home. Please visit Lahontan Valley Environmental Alliance’s website at www.lvea.org for more information.

Water Treatment Facility

Water Treatment ImageWhen completed in 2004, Fallon’s state-of-the-art water treatment facility was one of the first of its type in the nation. The $20 million project was specifically designed to remove unwanted elements, while preserving desirable elements such as the nearly optimal fluoride content of local deep water wells. With a capacity of 9.7 million gallons per day, the City of Fallon water treatment plant currently serves approximately 3,500 hookups and nearly 9,500 people within the City. This facility has the capacity to provide excellent quality drinking water to City of Fallon residents for the next 20 years based on projected annual population growth rates. To find out more about the water treatment facility and other superb municipal services provided by the City of Fallon, please contact City Engineer Jim Souba at 775-423-5105.



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Art CenterChurchill County School District (CCSD) provides public educational services, Pre-K through Adult Education. Their nearly 300 teachers are serving 4,300 students in 5 Elementary Schools, 1 Junior High School and 1 comprehensive High School. Churchill County High School (CCHS) is large enough to offer a variety of courses by experts in their fields, yet small enough so that students receive individual guidance and assistance. CCHS offers qualifying students National Honor Society membership, NJROTC, Advanced Placement, athletics, and a variety of 21st century programs.

Student achievement and professional development are the focus of all decisions made throughout the school district. District personnel are committed to ever-improving student achievement as measured by state and federal agencies. They have deepened their commitment to successful programs that help support the delivery of instruction. Students have access to a variety of programs before and after school. Please visit CCSD’s website to learn more about them at www.churchill.k12.nv.us or by calling Educational Services at 775-423-5184.


Rock ClimbingCC Communications is deeply rooted in the history of Churchill County, Nevada. The company started serving the community in 1889 and, since then, has become a full service state-of-the-art telecommunications provider. In addition to offering Telephone, Long Distance, Internet, Wireless and Television service, they offer fully redundant fiber optic connectivity to points outside Churchill County to facilitate all your telecommunications needs. CC Communications welcomes your prospective business to tour its facilities and see for yourself the scope of its operations. Contact Patti Brown at 775-423-7654 ext. 1215 to schedule a tour.



Churchill Indsutry Milk Brochure

Churchill County and the City of Fallon

Location MapChurchill County encompasses roughly 4,900 square miles of fertile agricultural lands, deserts, mountains and valleys in the heart of Nevada. Our oasis within this high desert topography is comprised of a population of 26,500, centered around Fallon.

Founded in 1908, the city of Fallon is a community where residents celebrate living in a small rural town with a rich western heritage. We welcome with friendly faces and generous spirits both newcomers, here to establish roots, and tourists, planning a brief stay.

Fallon and Churchill County are marked by diverse landscapes: lush green farms and ranches; lakes for fishing and water sports; wildlife refuges and expansive wetlands; pinyon pine and juniper covered mountains for camping and hunting; and large sand dunes that draw recreationists from all over the west. Fallon and Churchill County are home to Naval Air Station Fallon, home of TOPGUN and other US Navy training schools. Abundant with civic, cultural and recreational opportunities, our community is proud of it’s rich history, which is commemorated in numerous distinctive historical sites. We also promote performing arts through Oats Park Arts Center, higher education through Western Nevada College, and excellent patient care through Banner Churchill Community Hospital. We enjoy weekly farmers’ markets, an annual "Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe Festival," rodeo and auto racing events and many youth activities, all close to metropolitan areas and world class winter recreation.

We are blessed with clean air, an abundance of sunshine, and a moderate climate with plenty of room to grow.

The business location you have been searching for is right here in Fallon and Churchill County!

Shovel Ready Sites

Top Gun RacewayCompleted in 2005, the New River Business Park is a prime location situated within the City of Fallon. There are a number of sites available that are “shovel ready.” Each site includes existing infrastructures and undeveloped property that can be tailored for the specific needs of your business. The business park can accommodate projects requiring one to forty-two acres.

There are also prime development areas situated within Churchill County, some shovel ready, featuring larger acreage parcels.


Accessibility to Decision Making Community Leaders

img“It’s unbelievable that I can actually speak with a decision-maker in the community” – a comment often heard from entrepreneurs new to the City of Fallon or Churchill County.

We are a small rural community that provides very personalized service. You can actually meet with the city mayor or county manager by simply making an appointment without waiting months for the opportunity. Communication with county commissioners is merely a phone call away, and building officials will personally work with you to get your enterprise up and running. Questions are immediately answered. Without cutting corners, business applications are quickly processed. Problems are resolved with an immediate phone call.

Quality customer service is our goal and our pride.

Tax Structure

Top Gun FightersThe incentives for doing business in Churchill County are extensive. Nevada claims one of the most liberal tax structures in the nation and, from a tax-planning perspective, the return on investment in the form of tax-saving dollars can be enormous.

Nevada’s tax structure is constitutionally guaranteed and is considered one of the
most pro-business in the country.


In Nevada there is:

  • NO personal income tax
  • NO franchise tax
  • NO inheritance tax
  • NO unitary tax
  • NO corporate income tax
  • NO inventory tax
  • NO estate or gift tax
  • NO special intangible tax

Milk Supply

CowsTwenty-one dairy farms in Churchill County range in size from 125 to 2,000 cows per dairy for a total of about 13,000 animals. Churchill County dairies can potentially dedicate 24 million pounds of milk per month to cheese production, in addition to other commitments.

Most dairy cows in Churchill County are Holsteins; however, several dairies raise Jerseys.

Central Location

Fun at Sand MountainLocation is absolutely everything when you’re doing business. Churchill County is strategically located to provide easy access to the entire western region – within one-day truck service from five bordering states and within two-day truck service to all 11 western states. Our location on Hwy. 50 and Hwy. 95, with close proximity to I-80, will benefit your business in a vital way facilitating the transportation of your products.



Permit Process

VineyardsThe City of Fallon, Churchill County and the State of Nevada all have a business-friendly permit process that expidites new ventures within the local area from conception to construction, in a time frame unmatched by neighboring jurisdictions.

Staff from local governing agencies are knowledgeable, accessible and helpful; this shortens the overall permitting time to months rather than years, as experienced in other states.


Fun at Lahontan ReservoirResidents of Churchill County experience a high desert climate with pleasant summers, moderate winters, and an average daily temperature variation of about 35 degrees. Annually the number of days with any measurable precipitation is approximately 40.

Our low humidity and mode rate annual rainfall are conducive to cow comfort and optimal corral conditions .

Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is 74 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable. The U.S. average on the comfort index is 44.


Climate Churchill County United States
Rainfall (in.) 5 36.6
Snowfall (in.) 5.8 25.2
Sunny Days 241 205
Avg. July Low 53.6° 74°
Avg. July High 91.6° 86.5°
Avg. January Low 18.1° 20.8°
Avg. January High 44.4° 34°


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